The Complete Jane Austen

Masterpiece Theatre is doing some sort of Complete Jane Austen (hereinafter “CJA”) broadcast. I’m not sure what the scope is and my research journey to the PBS website turned into the usual commerce flog with lots of information on purchasing CJA but no helpful little blurb that tells me what the plan is for the broadcast CJA.

I decided to set my DVR for the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in its entirety. Or maybe not ever. I’m not sure. When I mentioned Jane Austen to my husband he rolled his eyes and said, “Is that the one where they all sit around in nightgowns writing letters?” And he has a point, their outfits do kind-of look like nighties and there is a lot of letter writing and also hair brushing while getting ready for dances, visitors and sleep. To the untrained eye, the stories may seem to blend together.

What I do know is that this is the Pride and Prejudice that features the dreamiest Mr. Darcy ever: Colin Firth. I didn’t hate the Kiera Knightly version but wished for a Mr. Darcy that I really wanted to wrap my arms around. Once I saw the first part of this series sitting there on my DVR I had second thoughts. Did I really want to spend close to 6 hours watching Pride and Prejudice? I’m still catching up on the first season of Jericho and the new episodes have started. And I’ve got some Doctor Whos to get through.

What was I thinking? Of course I want to watch 6 hours of PandP. I’d watch it all in one sitting if that choice was available. It’s in three installments and I have to wait for the third this Sunday. I am biting my nails with concern. Will the adorable Elizabeth Bennet and handsome Mr. Darcy discover true love?

Meanwhile, I dug out my Emma Thompson Sense & Sensibility DVD from the closet. That will have to tide me over until Sunday.

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