We’re Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Hummus

Here’s a photo of the baked treats. Looking at that makes me want to make them again, but spring is coming and we have to fit into our pants. Also, this week I discovered the existence of something called a pepperoni roll and I’m going to have to make a pan of that instead. We can always get bigger pants.

We’re not big on Valentine’s Day in our house but I do a little something at the office.

The first year I brought Star Wars valentines (the kind that cost $2 for a box of 36 at Target) and left one on everyone’s desk.

Last year I got Pirates of the Caribbean valentines with tattoos and got heart pencils at Target and put Devil Duckies on them. (Example of last year’s in photo)

This year I got Scoobie Doo valentines and gave Marie Antoinette head pops. (also in photo) It was between that and Unicorn Power Gum but I hate grape flavor. Bob had a great idea that I could bake cupcakes and stick the Marie pops in them. And that would have been funny but a logistical nightmare since I would have had to make them on Wednesday night and then carry them all to work on the bus.

As it was I had to keep telling people, “It’s Marie Antoinette’s head.”

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