More Artistic Content Than Ever

Lynda.Com because he needed to brush up on an application he was using more.

He gave me CS3 products for my birthday and I’m trying desperately to be worthy. I’ve taken 2 Photoshop classes and one Illustrator class over the past 3 years and I’m not a quick learner. But then, I wasn’t born with a computer in my hands.

I’ve been working my way through the Lynda tutorials. I’m going to learn InDesign, too, eventually, and I’m trying to get a handle on the Bridge and organize my image files which are a disaster especially by my standards.

At first I was being all methodical about starting at the beginning of each class and working through each item. But then I started skipping around to the stuff that looks fun. I never thought I’d be into online learning but I like this a lot.

Above is my latest creation. I call it: Acorn relaxing on an Autumn Day.

On Friday I made my weekend No Knead loaf and I decided to get crazy and throw some olives in there. In my head I remember working them in there better but as you can see here, they’ve all gathered at the edges and as soon as you slice into it, olives fall out everywhere.

I thought maybe I should turn this into a stunt baking blog and bake everything in my Bread Baker’s Apprentice book and document it all. We could laugh at my lumpy loaves and unrisen messes. But then I made these cinnamon rolls that peeled our faces off. And I don’t want to do a stunt because I would try too hard and it would make my life miserble.

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