Emergency Outfit
We moved to the new office three years ago. If interested, you can read about it: Part 1, Part 2 and the final wrap up. I had completely blocked out how horrible that was.

For some reason, it seemed plogical to keep a spare change of clothes at the office in case I got stuck in a downpour and didn’t want to sit around in wet clothes. I guess my thought was that I had just started the public transportation thing and had to walk and wait in places with minimal shelter so it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared.

Three years later, I have never used it. It wasn’t my finest outfit in the first place and it looks especially dingy now. But I’m afraid that the minute I take it home (and immediately burn it) a plate of lasagna will fall on me or I’ll sit in dog poop or some other catastrophe and I’ll have no spare clothes to save me.

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