Art Show
Bob and I both got home late on Thursday night.

I did my second Target run (success!) and the food shopping and he went to Cocopelli’s and hung the photos and took care of a bunch of last minute details for the show.

We were both tired and catching each other up on our day when we heard a loud THUNK from the garage.

“Now what?” we both said.

The garage door spring gave out. Not a big deal but just one more thing to deal with after a long week.

Bob got them on the phone first thing Friday morning and they said they could be there between 10-Noon and they did and they fixed us right up and it wasn’t too much money so whew, and we can get in and out of our garage with ease again.

We went over the the coffee shop at 4pm and set up all our stuff. Priscilla had organized an extensive collection of snacks and we had beer and wine and lemonade. Bob had the brilliant idea to hire a student to help us out with the food and drinks so we had an extra set of hands for setting up and cleaning up and making sure there were cups and napkins and ice. She was fabulous.

Our event was nicely attended. Not overwhelming. A nice mix of family and friends and people we haven’t seen in a long time. Some entity in town organizes groups for the Art Walk and I guess they make a circle of a several galleries downtown that do a show on first Friday. But only about three groups made it to where we were because it was a little off the main path and the weather was cold and miserable. But still, nice turnout and very positive response.

After we got home we were cleaning out the cooler and I decided to put the leftover beer out in the shop since the fridge was sort of full. What I didn’t realize was that the convenient cardboard carrying case had been sitting in the wet cooler all evening and pop pop pop — three bottles hit the concrete as I repeated a bad word variation over and over. Now it smells like a fraternity house right outside the door between the kitchen and the garage.

Sorry I don’t have more photos tiredd1. I didn’t participate in the Art Walk part, only the show we did and I didn’t take many pictures because I have a cheap crappy camera with a flash that withers plants and makes small children whimper with fear.

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