You’re All Invited
Tomorrow is First Friday in downtown Vancouver, WA. I did not even know this event existed. I’m lame. My husband and his mother have put together a show of my late father-in-law’s photographs. Bob posted his Dad’s bio here.

We’ll be at Cocopelli’s Coffee & Tea at the Academy from 5-8pm. E 11th and C Street. I’ll be the one standing by the wine.

Yesterday I did this massive mailing for work. The mailing list was generated by a government agency. Here’s a typical entry:

Youngman P. Kingpin, President & CEO
Overlord of Operational Services
NW Division, Ginormous Company International
Centre Square Triangle Building
10293 Northwest Grasshopper Ladybug Square South
Tenth Floor, Suite 1050 B
Mailstop 110-F-059323
Pumpkin Plains, Oregon 12345-6789

I’m barely exaggerating. Seriously, like there is no way that boring- but-important document (220 of them, to be exact) could be delivered without all that information.

It reminds me of when we were at our old office, a condominium, which I highly recommend as a workplace. When I gave our address out I’d always say, # 10. And the person would say, “Is that a suite or what?”

“No, it’s a hole in the ground.”

Do people really think the mailman is walking around with a piece of mail that says #10 going, “Oh dear, now what? Am I looking for a suite? A floor? A unit? A chamber?”

Our mail was delivered into bank of boxes in the lobby. Our box said: 10.

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