Sunday Night Wrap Up

For the first time in eons I spent my entire weekend (including Friday) chained to the computer, writing. It was both very satisfying and slightly dismaying as now it is Sunday after 5pm and I’m running around doing laundry and cleaning up piles of crap and trying to figure out what I’m going to bring for lunch next week. (Money, sounds easiest.)

I just found a post I wrote yesterday and never posted. Will incorporate into this message. I also have additional photos for Tornado Coverage 2008 but little inclination to organize right now so that will have to wait for at least a day or two.

Here’s the wrap up:

1. I have Word 04 for Mac on my machine. Is it just me or is this the biggest piece of crap in the Universe, known and unknown? It automatically doesn’t things for me that no sane person would ever want to do. It displays this goofy square and lightning bolt when I make certain formatting changes which cover what I’m trying to see. Certain cutting, pasting and deletions hang for up to three seconds before going through. I don’t believe I can adequately express how much I hate this program. Why has Microsoft conquered the world with its crappy stuff?

2. I did the grocery shopping on Friday morning and my husband had written on the list, “Good mustard.” I didn’t see anything on the shelves called “good mustard.” What do you think that could be? One time he wrote “good snacks.” I guess as opposed to all the bad snacks I’ve been stocking up on.

3. Every once in awhile I wake up in the morning and I can’t help but think, “Wow, what an excellent night’s sleep. The past few nights have been great.”

Then, it’s like an emergency signal is triggered in the brain and travels to the insomnia portion and says, “This must not continue,” and then I have a night or nights of the opposite.

Thursday night I had indigestion and drank gallons of water while reading half a book. Friday night I had weird dreams, like Jack Nicholson was yelling at me and Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston needed a ride someplace. I also had to go to the bathroom at least 4 times. Last night was another indigestion night. Geez, you hit about 35 and you can’t eat *anything* anymore. At this rate pretty soon we’ll be eating boiled potatoes three times a day.

4. I made two new recipes this weekend and when I was at the store, the only ingredients I could remember were the ones in the title. I had a recipe for Potato and Pancetta chowder and another for Pumpkin, Rice and Black Bean Soup. I should also explain I was trying to clear some random ingredients out of the fridge.

When I got ready to make the potato and pancetta I discovered that (a) I didn’t have pancetta, I had prosciutto (whatever, they both are Italian and start with “p” right?) and (b) the recipe called for mushrooms (?) and a leek. A leek is an onion, right? I also didn’t have half-and-half but an extra splash of milk would work.

It tasted delicious which is the only measure of success in this house.

When I pulled out the other recipe I learned I was supposed to have 2 limes, fresh cilantro and 2 fresh chiles. We had some from concentrate lime juice in the fridge, and a lemon, some ancient dried cilantro and I used a 4 oz. can of roasted green chiles. The recipe called for uncooked rice but I wanted to clear out a container of leftover cooked and I was supposed to use chipotle chili powder and I used ancho. They’re all chiles, right?

This also came out quite spectacularly delicious but, as mentioned above, gave us heartburn. Him more than me. When he has heartburn he groans in his sleep thus, I spent the night curled up next to groaning man.

I have more notes here but I have to try to catch up on my chores.

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