Power Trio

Today was day one of my big end of the year power trio. Today’s my birthday, tomorrow is the last day of the year and the next is the first day of the year.

Today was excellent. I hung out with Bob this morning and found enough of a weather break to take a nice walk. This afternoon I worked on my writing project. I’m remembering what it was like to quit writing. When I’m in it, everything else is a non-priority.
Creative fun but not good for my love of a well-ordered universe.

This evening we headed out to see Juno (sweet, funny) and had a fantastic dinner. We’ve just come home to eat cookies and open presents. More books! If I only read 40 books in 2008, I already have them all sitting on my shelf. (Not complaining, at all.)

Updated “to read” shelf photo to come, eventually.

I’m going to try to do 500 more words before bed.

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