I have chewed a lot of gum in my lifetime. My Mom hates gum. She was also a librarian. I don’t know if these two things are related. There is nothing, with the possible exception of revealing she is really a man, that my Mom could do that would shock me more than if I saw her chewing gum.

I chewed a lot of gum when I wanted to eat less. I’m not sure if it worked.

Then I gave up gum for a long time and I got back into it when I discovered Glee Gum at Trader Joes. Not only is the gum “all natural,” they sell “educational kits” for kids. I wish I could see the expression on my Mom’s face when she reads this.

Glee gum is made with rainforest chicle, the way gum used to be made. I’m not really up-to-speed on the history of gum so I don’t know how gum used to be made but I really like this gum. It chews with less squish (more bite?) and the flavor isn’t too gnarly. (You can see why I would make a terrible food writer.)

I visited their website for the first time earlier this week and found out they have cinnamon and tangerine flavors, too. I had no idea and plan to buy a carton of each after the holidays.

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