Rain Maker

Everyone in the PACNW can thank me for the rain. Usually I make it rain by washing the car.

Yesterday I did it when I took my umbrella out of my bag because all of a sudden I decided it made the bag “too heavy” and besides, it’s been clear for days. During this same frenzy of getting ready to head out the door for work I also detached the waterproof hood from my squall-proof/blizzard-proof coat so I could wear my cute not waterproof wool hat and fuzzy scarf.

I sealed the deal when I was standing in the garage holding a towel in my hands and thinking, “It would sure be handy to have a dry towel in the car but I don’t really need it right now.” Then I put it back where I found it and continued on my way.

I exited the office at 4:30 and it wasn’t just drizzling, it was showering. I no longer park in my building since the parking bastards raised the daily rate to $12 when the lot next door closed so someone can build another office tower. If I ever get the opportunity to time travel I’m going to tell my past self to buy parking lots and then enjoy raking in piles of free money. Now I park about a 10 minute walk away (Only on yoga day. I could, seriously, write a 10 screen post about parking but it’s not worth it. The short version is, I drive 1 day a week and take the bus the other days.) so I was nice and wet when I made it to the car not to mention smelling like livestock. (My wet wool hat.)

It sure would have been handy to have a dry towel for my hands and face when I got in the car. Then there was a stalled car right where I exit the parking lot and for some reason everyone in that lane just stopped. No one went around. No one helped. Everyone just sat there. I’ve never seen anything like it. I finally had to squeeze out between two stopped cars and make a wish that there was no oncoming traffic and drive around the mess.

Added: “Oncoming” may not be the right word. I wasn’t driving on the wrong side of the road to get around. There were three lanes and the lane where the parking garage exited was stopped. So I had to drive across this lane and blindly jump into one of the still moving lanes. If this doesn’t make sense don’t worry. It’s just a dumb traffic story.

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