Discarded Chores

Last week Mrs. G did a list of her favorite things. That reminded me that I made a list of favorite things to post about this month.

Today she’s got a list of people doing favorite things which I fully intended on doing today but it’s taking too long so I’ve scrapped the idea for now.

It seems like the more I try to simplify and get things off my plate, the more things that rush in to take their place.

Tonight we’re going to a function and yesterday I talked myself into going out and buying a nice dress since it’s been years since I had a nice dress and here I could wear it tonight and to the firm holiday party and maybe some other thing might come up and I’d have a nice dress. But I’ve lived without one for years and it’s raining sideways and I don’t really want to leave the house. Plus somehow it’s 1pm.

Here’s one of our favorite things: tomorrow we’re going to Bob’s Red Mill. Bob (mine, not the one with the Red Mill) loves the breakfast sampler with every kind of pancake and I stock up on beans and grains and get stuff for holiday gifts.

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