Too Much Stuff On My Hands

Even though it isn’t November yet, I am all NaBlo all the time. I’m trying to get my page set up and read the blogs in the groups I’ve joined and started to leave comments and bookmark places I want to return to. Look at me all join-y and everything. Last year when I signed up for NaBlo I’d never left a comment in my life.

Last night we finally saw Orhan Pamuk at Arts & Lectures. For those of you that haven’t been following along, I spent most of last month trying to read one of his books and ended up reading a lot of other books about vampires instead. He won the Nobel Prize. The vampires just fell in love and experienced angst.

He was a fabulous speaker – very funny with great stories. He answered a question about the book I was trying to read, Snow that made me want to try to finish it. I should have asked him if he planned to write a book about vampires.

Long day. I’ve fired up a presto-log and have soup heating on the stove and I’m looking forward to a couple of hours of mindless television.

Update on the government agency complaint: both people I contacted got back to me with what I needed. Again, I believe this blog has magical qualities so I will point out once again, that I’ve never won a bazillion dollars in the lottery.

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