I’m working on a post but I *still* haven’t finished it so we’re going for another half-asser until tomorrow.

Last week we went to the dry cleaners. Colleague had 3 pair of pants and I had 1. As we walked in he noticed the sign that said: “Clean 3 pair, get 1 free.”

He said: “Damn, I should have waited until I had one more pair.”

I put my pants on his pile. Score, he got the deal.

As we were walking away, I said, “You realize this didn’t benefit you whatsoever.”

He said, “Yeah, I got the deal.” (And he picked up my pants from the dry cleaners. Score!)

In other news, my dear husband has a giant crush on Drew Barrymore. I have pledged not to stand in their way, should she fall madly in love with him.

There have been rumors lately that she’s been hanging out with the Mac guy — and I figured this would break his heart. But when I said, “The Mac guy” – he said, “You mean Hodgeman?”

Poor Bob was hopeful because Hodgman is a well-fed, nerdy glasses wearing guy and I guess he thought he might have a shot.

The Mac guy, I said.

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