dahlia2Fall Bulb-Tacular
When I was at Mom’s I grabbed her Breck’s catalog. It’s always been my intention to throw some more bulbs in the yard because when Spring finally comes, few things make me happier than to see bright colored flowers out in the yard.

My major bulb energy goes into my dahlias which reminds me, I haven’t taken any dahlia photos for several weeks. Or pumpkins. I need to get up to speed here. (The photo is an old one from Flickr.)

Dahlias are summer bulbs and I have more than I need already. I’m going to dig up a bunch of red ones (maybe) and see if any neighbors want them or perhaps engage in some creative vandalism and toss them into some dirt somewhere. The Breck’s catalog is spring bulbs and I’ve got a decent supply of daffodils and a few tulips and miscellaneous but could use improvement.

I’ve gone through the catalog twice with my ultimate wish list and then cutting back to be more realistic and then cutting back to my budget. Now I have to be practical about what I will actually be willing to put into the ground. This is my problem with spring bulbs is that usually in the fall I’m done with the garden. I want to pull everything up and then sit in the house and drink hot cocoa and watch my shows or read books.

Right now, sitting here in my office with my tea, looking at photos of beautiful flowers, I’m totally optimistic about how much work I’ll want to do. Think of the payoff. But I know myself well enough that I can see myself cursing at my giant box of bulbs and making one big hole in the middle of the yard and dumping them in and being done with it.

The current list is 108 bulbs. I’ll decide tomorrow whether to cut it back or not.

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