Time For A Cover

Time for a Cover: One Tin Soldier

I only have one friend from high school that I keep in touch with on a regular basis. Or even on an irregular basis when you get right down to it. We went to the same college and remain close with a group of college friends that keep in touch thanks to the magic of the Internet.

Last week she sent a note to the group with a photo of her daughter on her way to her first day as a freshman in high school.

We exchanged a couple of notes trying to remember something about our freshman year and between the two of us, the memories are mighty skimpy.

I found my freshman yearbook yesterday because I was cleaning out shelves and cupboards doing some amateur level de-cluttering. I flipped through it and in the very beginning found a picture of her husband, who also went to high school with us, so I had to scan that. Then I found our picture on a page that said Symphonic Band.

We were in band in high school?

I have zero memory of this and I scanned those, too and sent them off to her and I got this reply: “We weren’t in band in high school.”

Yet, there is photographic evidence. How can this be? I’m sure there’s a good reason we’ve forgotten.

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