Simpsonize Me

I simpsonized Bob.

I’m just stalling on another project I have to get done today and it got too hot in the backyard for weeding and bushwhacking so I’m back in the house finding things to waste time on. Time wasting and a general non-specific dissatisfaction with life. Could there be a connection?

The big news is that I bought a bathing suit on my lunch hour. I didn’t think that was even possible. I went to the bathing suit store downtown. The lovely gal helped me get started. I picked three to try on.

One the bottom was too small. One the top was too small. (Guess which configuration I preferred?) And one fit just right. I didn’t LOVE the top but it covered everything which was my main criterion. I paid and was on my way, all in under an hour. There must be an award for this somewhere.

Next I dropped by the bookstore to buy a gift and to pick up a mass market paperback for braindead reading fun.

Did I mention I’m on vacation for a week?

The book is The Ruins by Scott Smith. I vaguely recall reading a book review that said it was really scary and disturbing and hard to put down. I keep thinking that my major aversion to literary fiction will pass and any minute now I’ll pick up that damn Kite Runner or The Known World and read something challenging. But every time I finish a book, I look at the pile and skip over them and pick something short and/or easy. I’m wondering if I should just get rid of all the books in the to read pile and start all over.

The other thing I was going to talk about that doesn’t seem that interesting right now, is that my appetite has been majorly wonky the past couple weeks. I’ll be starving and then eat three blueberries and then be stuffed and won’t be hungry again until several hours later and the same routine, I’ll eat half a burrito and then wrap up the rest for later. I don’t think this is a health problem. I’m eating enough to keep me alive and unable to fit into a bathing suit bottom size small. (I grabbed the small by accident. I wasn’t that optimistic.) It just seems weird that it would change like that.

Back to work.

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