It Doesn’t Look Like It Knows What It’s Doing
I can’t blame it though, we’ve had some fairly violent rain today. Who’d want to bloom in that? I’m glad I wasn’t out watching a soccer match.

I spent the past two days working on a writing project and I’m reminded how much time this sucks up. And, now my brain feels like mush. There were rewarding moments, too, but I’m not close to finished so I’m going to shower and see if I can grind at it until dinner.

Last night we had two giant salmon steaks from Alaska courtesy of coworker. I made Auntie’s secret barbecue sauce which includes butter, lemon juice, garlic, butter and a few flavorings. The main ingredient is two cubes of butter. The sauce smelled fantastic and should be made into perfume or room spray. I told Bob we could dip our shoes in it and they would taste terrific.

I expected my digestive system to revolt terribly after the butter assault but nope, we did fine. There’s a utensil in the dishwasher that still smells delicious so I can pull it out and close my eyes and dream of yummy salmon.

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