The Plumber Saved Our Lives

Look at this stinker, holding on for dear life as if blooming was a crime. If I was a flower and my person ran out into the yard twice a day and looked at me and pleaded with me to bloom, I’d go for it. I wouldn’t linger in this stunted phase. I bet there’s some sort of lesson here like I’m supposed to ask myself: where am I holding on instead of blooming? Come on already, flower. We all want to see you in all your glory.

There’s a new deli in Vancouver and I’d love to link to an URL but I only know the name phonetically: La Bottega. It was Bob’s idea to pick up dinner there and he gets 100 gold stars. This place is fantastic! He got a sampler of tons of lunch meats. But that’s not all. They have soups — which you can buy frozen. I like to make soup and don’t think it’s a big burden and find most purchased soup to range from icky to works-in-a-pinch. Bob brought home a frozen jug and then a sampler for tonight.

It was called something like hot portabella mushroom and it was lick the bowl without embarrassment fabulous. He says they also have frozen entrees. I’m so excited about this place. I don’t mind if it costs a bit if you can have something delicious to eat when you’re too tired or busy to cook yourself. I’ll find out their name and address so that just in case one of my three loyal readers is passing through Vancouver, WA one day, they can support this fabulous business.

Today the plumber came to fix the leak under the sink. I can’t remember if I wrote about this already. One day I noticed that all my cleaning materials under the kitchen sink were floating in a little lake. This happened the same day as my alarm was on the fritz and I was all worried that venus was transiting uranus and all my mechanical stuff was going to hell.

This was cool plumber guy who replaced our faucet. It’s all shiny now. We had a bad O-ring or something like that. Maybe multiple O-rings. And we got a new squirty thing. Then I wiped underneath the sink and put all my cleaning stuff back and it’s all good.

When you have someone coming to your house to install or fix something, do you worry about making an impression? I don’t worry about having a spotless house because on the worst of days my house is still a B+ but I worry about looking lazy. Isn’t this crazy? I always want to look busy, like I’m in the middle of an important project. Sweeping the garage or revising the Magna Carta.

This is so sad to admit but I even worry what the mailman thinks. Like I’m so sure he’s walking around keeping tabs on what people are doing. I think watching TV in the middle of the day is egregiously lazy. Unless you’re sick. Then guilt free TV for days! But it’s like I’m really getting away with something if I turn on the TV in the afternoon and if I hear the mailman, I mute the TV so when he puts the mail through the slot he doesn’t hear the TV and think, “Swine!” Especially if it’s sunny out.

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