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So this is my tart shell. I got it home in one piece but I left my recipes at the office on Thursday so I had to think of something else to fill it with. I ended up trying this lemony buttermilk “over 50 year old” recipe from one of the Grange Cookbooks we got when we got married.

I guess the recipe wasn’t intended for a tart shell because when I checked to see if it was firming up it was boiling. I don’t think that was what I was aiming for. The recipe also called for a meringue topping which I’ve never done before but if it’s supposed to look dark brown and have the texture of rubber, I did awesome. The tart doesn’t taste terrible. Sort of a third rate lemon meringue pie.

bakingIn addition to turning my tart into something, I baked cookies for my work stash. I also fed the sourdough and refilled my homemade granola supply. Very few things are yummier than this granola.

Also I cleaned out one of the pantry annexes. We don’t have a real panty so our food is divided into areas. We have the main cupboard in the kitchen, the canned good shelf in the laundry room and the lazy susan next to the fridge. That last one is what I cleaned out this morning.

Do you have all kinds of bizarre odds and ends in your cupboards that you bought for a recipe that you made between zero and one time? Or something you read about and thought you’d try and apparently forgot about a short time after you stuck the exotic ingredient in your cupboard? Yeah. Why did I buy amaranth and millet? No doubt it was some health kick moment. I have a grains cookbook that I’ve always intended to become better acquainted with. I tossed a few things and made a list of some others with the idea that I may still eat them someday.

messy officeHere’s my colleague’s desk that I mentioned yesterday. He kindly sorted through it all and now most of it is piled in my office. The photo below is the pile that used to be behind his desk.

What he doesn’t know is that I throw lots of stuff away when he’s not around. Has he ever missed any of it? Has he ever said, “Oh, I need version 11 of that meeting agenda from August of 2005?” No. He hasn’t. Never. This post could probably be used as evidence in a malpractice case someday. If that happens, just kidding!

 A couple more random items. I saw an ad for Ocean’s Thirteen and asked Bob if we ever saw Ocean’s Twelve. “Yeah,” he said, “I think we did.”

“What was it about?” I asked.

“I don’t remember,” he said.

“Yeah, me either.”

I don’t think we did. Are we that old and decrepit we can’t even remember Ocean’s Twelve?

Last comment: Gilmore Girls. I’ve never watched this show. I’m interested but for whatever reason, I never got into it. The DVDs are on my long term maybe someday list. But I see the previews during other shows I watch on the same station and it is my imagination or is every single preview about one or the other Gilmore Girl getting engaged? How many broken engagements are there between the two?

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