Tuesday Miscellany


My scroll ball on my mouse is broken and I never realized how much I loved that thing until the past three days. I don’t think I even knew how it worked until a few months ago. How quickly technology sucks us in.

I left work a half-hour early today because the May Day march, protest, whatever it’s called, was scheduled to go right by our building and would block the garage exit. I’m sure I’m insensitive and offending some group (I’m so insensitive I don’t know who they are or what they are doing but I think it has to do with labor, immigration, or both) but you know it’s a long day and my protests don’t inconvenience them.

Since I was home early, I decided to wash the car which I almost never do. Sometimes my dear husband will wash it or drive it to the car wash for me. I have a high tolerance for dirty outside car. I like the inside of my car, including the trunk, to be clean and I’ve been teased about this more than once. But I spend a lot of time sitting in there I don’t want it to be like a garbage can.

The outside was filthy from the trip. The Mill Casino gets an A+ for hospitality. Not only was everyone insanely friendly and nice, they seemed to mean it. They are currently in the middle of a huge construction project so all cars disappeared with the valet. If I had one complaint it was that it appeared they drove my car though a fine mist and then parked it next to a dirt farm. It was filthy when it was returned to me and between that and all the road bugs, I couldn’t stand it and gave it a good scrub.

I read today that left-handed women may have a shorter life-span. I’m more lefty than not. I chose to celebrate the news with a reduction in my 401(k) contribution. Might as well have fun with that money now. (Just kidding, Dad!)

This morning Billy came in my office and started cracking his knuckles. Like each individual one.

Me: Knock it off. That’s sexual harassment.

Him: No it’s not. It’s OCD.

Me: Oh. I always get those two confused.


I know, it’s not that funny but for some reason we thought it was hilarious. I guess at 7:30am caffeine deprived people will go to any length for a laugh.

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