Great Philosophical Nugget Somewhere

Guitar Picks
In the 80’s during the big hair band era I spent my weekends hanging out on the Sunset Strip and a small portion of my professional life working on music videos for a variety of performers but a lot of them were hair bands.

I don’t like to use the word “collect” because it wasn’t like I was out on the hunt, but I did manage to accumulate a small collection of guitar picks which I was pretty excited about at the time. Of course half of them don’t say the name of the band and now I can’t remember what band they came from. If I was really clever I’d think up a word for it like worthless nostalgia or collectible amnesia that conveys the sense of saving something that has personal importance only to forget what it is rendering it meaningless. There’s probably a great philosophical nugget in there somewhere because don’t all our material objects eventually become meaningless?

I’ve been sitting at my desk all day accomplishing things and dinner is in 3 minutes so I’m in no position to put together a coherent discussion.

The far left pick, no idea but looks cool so let’s say The Cult. I worked on the first video Extreme ever did. I remember talking to Gary Cherone and him telling me how crazy it was to be in Los Angeles making a video. Tesla was a favorite that I’d seen in concert. You think after hearing the song 1000 times at the video shoot, I would remember which one it was but, nope. Guns N’Roses was a huge thrill as they were the biggest thing on the planet at the time. And Jailhouse was my favorite local band (dang, even found a photo) who I would go see every time they played. I still have the t-shirt. I think I even have a cassette somewhere with some Jailhouse songs.

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