Members Only

Members Only

So did I mention I’m now apparently a member of AARP?

Uncle Marvin and Aunt Marvin thought it would be fun to buy Bob a membership for his 50th bday and me, as the spouse, also gets to enjoy the “benefits, advocacy and information on again for people age 50 and over.” Yay!

That was sarcasm if you missed it.

You know when I’ll be ready to join a group of old people? When I get to be a tribal elder. They always get to eat first and younger people bring them a plate. They also get to sit in the front all the time. I’m going to make sure they also always bring me a drink.

But I’d like to enjoy a few more years of middle age in the meantime.

Also, I’m glad Antman warned me about seeing more ants in the house right after the treatment because there is a major giant ant convention going on by the front door — not even the area we’d originally called about.

They aren’t looking like the happiest ants in the world and I really do hate killing things but at some point you have to draw a line around the living space. They can live out there in front foliage as much as they want but inside the house is off limits.

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