Brulee Panic

On Saturday I scanned a couple of creme brulee recipes and picked the easiest one and left the cookbook open on the counter with the ingredients. I ended up not getting to it on Saturday so yesterday morning when I got up, I whipped up the dessert.

The basic recipe is simple: Warm heavy cream in a saucepan. Add vanilla. While it heats whisk some egg yolks and sugar together. Add cream to yolks. Bake in individual cups in the oven in a water bath.

I didn’t re-read the recipe, just threw the stuff together. The recipe called for a cup of sugar and I dumped it in and as I whisked, I then re-read for the next step and saw that OOPS. I only needed 1/2 cup sugar. The other half was for the topping. I panicked and splashed more cream into the saucepan thinking I’d just double my recipe. But then I found that I only had three eggs left in the fridge that weren’t hardboiled.

I don’t know the science involved with the egg-to-cream ratio but it was already screwed so I just went for it. The dessert was very sweet, somewhat soupy but totally edible and that’s the key to my cooking success.

Grindhouse turned out to be a perfect way to spend Easter Sunday. When I say it’s completely off the rails, I’m understating it. It’s funny and violent and gory and over-the-top and worth the time and trouble if you’re up for a B-thriller double feature. Feature one is zombies with Rose McGowan and the machine gun prosthetic leg. Feature two is Kurt Russell as a crazy muscle car guy stalking beautiful girls.

The only bummer was that we got home about 4pm and then I had to rush to get dinner on the table and that made me cranky.

The decorating eggs were already hardboiled but I’d spent the morning with the brulee snafu and now I was peeling potatoes and organizing the chicken and making a salad and I had a loaf of bread going but the timing was fubar because the movie was so long. I wasn’t up for one more thing that would make a mess.

Bob wanted to do it and did a great job although I think the idea of decorating eggs was more fun than actually doing it. I took photos, of course, and will add later.

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