Update on the website snafus

Thursday morning when I tried to check my email I got an error that said I had the wrong password. I tried logging into my domain controls and got the same message.

Normally when there are outages I don’t worry about it because (a) I don’t do business with my personal email or website and (b) it’s technology, not magic so there are bound to be times when it doesn’t work right.

The “wrong password” error worried me a great deal because I imagined Eastern European hackers had taken over my site and were using my bandwith to broadcast porn and now I was going to have yet another problem to unravel that would waste tons of my time and possibly cost me money.

I called support immediately and was assured that yes, there did seem to be a problem. (“That’s funny, I can’t log in, either.”) And that they would open a ticket and send it to support. 36 hours later I finally logged into email and received 1 message for me and 4 spam. That leads me to believe that a day and a half worth of email is gone. I don’t receive oodles of life changing email regularly but if you sent me something important on Thursday or Friday, perhaps you can resend.

Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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