Worst Trip Reporter Ever

I did get the taxes done. I ran the numbers in February and when I saw that we owed, I put it away.

Since I came home from the trip with money it seemed a good time to square that away. The tax bill was less than I remember so that was nice. I guess.

I also finally cleaned the oven. Inhaling oven cleaner must have taken 10 years off my life. I had a terrible headache. But the oven looks great and as soon as I finished I went straight into the backyard since it wasn’t raining and puttered around the weeds.

By the time I came back in it was close to dinner time and I attempted to rally and get a bunch more photos prepared but I lost interest quickly and decided to watch that last episode of Lost waiting for me on the DVR.

I don’t know how anyone gets anything done. I crossed two things off the list (taxes, oven) but have added at least 10.

More trip tales to come. When? Who knows.

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