I read a yoga book one time where the teacher warned about eliminating all possible distractions during practice time. She said you’d be surprised how strong and immediate the urge to vacuum could hit when you were right in the middle of practice.

I’m sure most folks would more likely be distracted by the television or a plate of brownies, but I could relate to the cleaning thing. I often clean or garden when I’m putting off something else.

Remember dead week at college? Everyone did laundry. You had to take a number at the laundry room.

Another reason yoga makes me think of cleaning is because you get into positions where you can see things that you normally never see. If you’ve got your chin on the floor you can spot even the tiniest dust bunny in the corner behind the potted plant.

This morning I did some shoulder openers against the wall. I had my cheek against the wall while I wiggled my scapula around and noticed this long partial strip of that (almost) worthless blue tape I used during the great home improvement project of last year. You use the blue tape to cover things you don’t want to paint and then pull it off and it’s supposedly all pretty and unpainted underneath. I found that it didn’t work nearly that well.

You’d never know this strip of tape was there unless you were doing shoulder openers against the wall but it was all I could do to not stop and rip that tape off immediately. If there were yoga poses against the ceiling I’d probably see nothing but spider webs.

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