My Office Window
View from My Office Window

(Dang, when I first did this I had cute little arrows pointed to the different items but when I saved it they disappeared and I don’t have time to fix it right now. OOF!)

Update: Okay, arrows fixed. What I forgot to mention earlier was how he cleaned the window. He has a little suction cup and he used it to help himself swing back and forth like a tick-tock — I swear I’m not kidding — and he swept his squeegee back and forth to clean the window. It took about 10 years off my life just watching him (meaning trying very carefully not to watch him).

And to answer angelfeet’s question: this is only the second time in two years I’ve had someone wash the outside window and last time they used one of those elevator bench things that goes up and down and it was two guys. I hope we do have the same guy because a photo series would be awesome. I also thought it was funny that as soon as I took out my camera he stopped what he was doing and smiled for me.

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