yellowI finally took the time to figure out how to use Google Reader and I would give you a link but everything I try just brings up my Google Reader which as it turns out, is sort of like every time a drug addict turns on his computer, there’s a big pile of drugs sitting there.

I thought this was going to be a great time saving device and I wouldn’t be clicking on blogs that haven’t been updated. No this has turned into an obsession of I must keep up with every post. It tracks all my blogs even when I’m not around so when I log on, all the posts I used to miss, are right there waiting for me. To be perfectly honest I completely love it.

I had a fabulous day in the sun. I took a few photos. My NaBlo prize, in part, was a Flickr Pro account and I’m trying to use it more although can’t stop suffering from photo insecurity. Here’s the feed if you want to subscribe. You can do that with Google Reader, too. I can’t believe I’m pimping for Google.

On my walk a dog ran out and barked at me and chased me. I should have taken a photo but it all happened so fast. Of course, the dog was a big as my fist and wearing a pink sweater and his people were calling him (her, it, whatever) Mimi so I wasn’t scared this time.

Tomorrow is no computer day and I’m planning on some writing and sewing and making of delicious gumbo. And feeding the sourdough. I can’t get that baby to thrive.

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