Bread Baker

Sourdough Starter
Wednesday night I did my bread baking class, which I expected to be awesome and I loved way more than I expected. It was the advanced class which means that we worked with sourdough for our leavening instead of yeast.

I took lots of notes and would tell you more except I am so tired right now I can barely keep my eyes open. A couple of details that I will mention are that the first thing they did when I walked through the door for class was take my coat and hand me a glass of wine: then I was certain it was going to be great. While there I bought a kitchen scale which will hopefully help me troubleshoot my perpetual baking problems, and a big new shiny chef’s knife, pictures of my gouged fingers will surely follow. The people in the class and the teacher who is the head baker at Pearl Bakery were TOTALLY into it. We learned a lot in a few hours. Then we made sandwiches with our bread and asked more questions and visited while we were eating.

The teacher is doing a pie making class in Spring and I plan to be the first one enrolled.

Meanwhile, I fed my starter a few hours ago for weekend baking and I think I already screwed up but we’ll see. I always panic during new cooking/baking adventures.

Downtown Portland
I got home at 10pm on baking night and took awhile to wind down and get to sleep. Then off to the office the next morning and then we went to Arts & Lectures last night.

The speaker was Suzan-Lori Parks who was fantastic – very funny and very real. She didn’t seem to take herself too seriously. Told great stories. I’ve never read anything by her but she read a little bit at the lecture and now I’d like to track down some of her stuff.

But again, we got home late and I was wired and couldn’t fall asleep right away so I’m a little drag-ey ass today. I’m going to go try napping and see if I can perk up a little for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

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