Mister Two

This morning I passed a bashed up 80’s era Toyota MR2 on the freeway. Back in the late 80’s when I lived in Los Angeles, I worked with two men who drove MR2s. Both of them had them stolen. One of them was stolen twice. He said the second time he wasn’t even surprised. His insurance agent told him it was the #1 most stolen car in our area. The other guy had the car stolen out of his garage. The thieves opened the garage door, backed up a truck, drove the MR2 into the truck and took off with it. All while he slept in bed.

A third guy I knew drove a MR2 and he took me to see Mr. Big and told me not to freak out but he kept a gun under my seat. Of course not, why would I freak out about that?

Looking at those cars now, it’s hard to believe they were the target of organized thievery.

The weather seems to be improving and about time. My spouse was home one day last week. He had a holiday Monday. He was home Tuesday and Wednesday. I came home yesterday and he wanted to play one of those, “do you notice anything different in here?” games. I grew tired of playing after about 3 seconds and told him to show me what’s up before I brained him with a bottle of cheap red wine.

He had taped a photo of Keller Williams in the back of my closet. He wrote on it, “To my biggest fan, love Keller.” KW is a super annoying jam band guy who plays with Cheese and earned my eternal ire for playing a stupid song which consisted of strumming his guitar and singing about how great his dog is. Bob likes to mention Keller to me just to see my head spin around. I told Bob it was time to get back to work.

One thing about all this cold weather is that I can’t stop eating and the main foods that sounds good involve chocolate or cookies (or should I say, digestive biscuits). Other snack foods that seem especially delicious right now are chips and Wheat Thins (big).

Yesterday I did the public transportation thing and my hugest compliments to C-TRAN. They were totally on the ball and then some. I took a million pictures (“here I am, getting on the bus” “here we are, waiting for the train”) and then when I got home last night I was too tired to deal so that riveting tale will have to wait for later.

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