Technology Break
I think I’m going to make a computer free weekend day part of the regular program. The fact that I feel a little twitchy about not turning on the machine makes me see the addictive qualities of my usage. Well, I don’t like the word addictive. And who’s to say that fiddling with digital photos and art projects is any less valid than gardening or movie watching or whatever? This is my internal tyrant dictating the rules on how one should best be productive in the Universe. Why can’t I be one of those people who can watch 8 hours of TV on a Saturday and not feel guilty about it?

It was nice to be free of the distraction because I freely admit that I waste a lot of time online. I got out the sewing machine again. I’ve been wanting to learn to sew. Remember the pirate pillowcase?

At the time I made that I found a couple of other free patterns online. I want to make a few small things to get the hang of the machine and the whole process. Yesterday I made a headband. You can get a real feel for my dedication and aptitude when it takes me 5 months to make a headband. And I have to confess, I did turn on the computer yesterday but only to check the pattern because from the instructions I couldn’t understand how the elastic was supposed to go.

I’m serious about wanting to learn this and in another five months I should be able to make an apron and by the time I’m 50, some pajama bottoms. Sophie’s 14 now. If she doesn’t get married until she’s 38, and I work really hard, perhaps I can make the garment bag she uses to carry her wedding dress.

I set up the sewing area in the dining room which is the same room where the turntable is. We’re one of the 8,000 families in America that has a turntable. I dusted off Camper Van Beethoven II & III, and Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart. I haven’t heard these in years and years and don’t remember loving them when I bought them (1987-88-ish) but they sounded FANTASTIC yesterday. I wonder what other music from 20 years ago I would love more now than I did then.

Other than sewing I did lots of reading and tidied part of my recipe file and strung some beads. Then I made a killer taco dinner. An excellent day.

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