So Unpredictable
Remember last week when all the schools closed for the big storm but instead we got about three snowflakes?

This morning we were supposed to have some wet flurries but nothing to write home about. Wrong.

I stepped out on the driveway at 6:15a to warm up the car. Usually if the driveway isn’t slippery, I know the drive in will be fine. There was a dry frosty sheen and some sprinkles coming down but the situation seemed mild. I made my lunch and combed my hair and headed out a few minutes later and by then it was coming down hard and building up fast. I thought I’d be fine once I hit the freeway but I slid through the first two stop signs I came to and then turned around and came home.

Turns out to be a good call because the TV is showing a big fat mess out there.

I brought home a couple of work assignments so I can do something productive. Then I’ll probably scrape the walk. Then I can watch the second half of 24 and drink hot chocolate.

And Bob has to go to school. They’re having classes this morning.

Update: Nope. Officially pulled the plug at 9am.

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