At Least It’s Not Raining
I don’t know what the problem is but I’m completely incapable of getting my act together. Well, I’m getting out the door and to the office and getting work done. But everything else is adrift.

For some reason the city of Portland can’t seem to stop ripping up streets and taking forever and a day to repair them. Today’s special new treat was that one block, the block by our building that I need to get to the parking garage was blocked off. Large parts of Front Avenue are also blocked off. So I had to take Morrison Bridge to Stark. Stark to Front. Front to First. First to Madison to get back to Front. Front to Jefferson. Jefferson to 2nd. It was like a carnival ride, only not fun.

If I had time I could make a humorous map, but I have papers to file and research to do so this is it for today.

Update: Turns out there was a busted water main not some sort of personal “They’re Out To Get Me.” Our parking garage had mild flooding on the bottom floor. Also, I think I described the streets wrong but too lazy to correct.

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