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Vancouver Washington

Every day the paper reports how close we are to breaking the record for rain in the month of November. As of today we’re at 11.14 and we need to beat 11.57.

This is one record we don’t need to beat and today we celebrated the sunshine by going for a nice long walk by Vancouver Lake. I took the special effects camera (new camera should be here next week) and got a few shots which were decent enough to share.

Meanwhile, Illustrator final project kicking my butt. Cannot linger here. I’m going to hammer away on it until bed time and whatever isn’t done will have to be thrown together at the last minute. I have other things that need my attention this weekend.

Epic post not ready yet but I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with holiday newsletters. If you look at that page, don’t look at 2004. It’s all screwed up and yet another thing I haven’t had time to fix this weekend. My desktop is littered with photos and text clippings (and Illustrator items). I just can’t get it all done. Note to self: if you ever take a class again, don’t do it Fall quarter. Finishing a class during the holidays is caca.

Update: I fixed 2004. You can look at it now. It could use additional tweaking but this is going to have to do.

(Aside: I was at the bar last week signing my bill and the bartender gave me a bad pen. I used one from my purse. When I handed him back his pen, I said, “This is caca.” He said, “Does that mean it doesn’t work?”)

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