A Simple Plan

I do not do crowds if I don’t have to. I don’t wait in long lines. I’d skip my own funeral if it took more than 5 minutes to find a parking place.

I took today off partly to get started on my final project for my Illustrator class, partly to do some day-before cooking projects and partly to avoid the evening commute. Between the weather and the holiday traffic, it will no doubt be a long, slow haul.

Bob had to work late last night so I made plans for some dinner and drinks with a friend downtown and then I wanted to stop at the New Seasons on Interstate on my way home. All the upscale-natural type food stores near our house have moved across town or closed so as part of my holiday weekend planning strategy, I thought this stop would make my life easier. HA HA

I won’t bore you with the details but I’ve never been there before and almost never drive to that part of town so I got completely lost and it was dark and raining and my windows all foggy so pretty much optimal driving conditions. When I finally found it there was a line to get into the parking lot.

I optimistically inched along and then joined the dozen SUVs that circled the world’s smallest parking lot, in the rain, dodging customers, can’t see for crap. Who builds a market with 20 parking spaces?

The earlier D&D at least kept me sedated so I exited the micro-park as soon as I possibly could, who knows how long and how violent it would get for parking and the area is not set up for street parking. Then got lost finding my way back home again. That aspect of the plan failed on all levels.

This morning I got going early and did the shopping and finally got a much needed haircut. Now I’m not in the mood for Illustrator or cooking and I’m tempted to say, aw screw it and panic about it later.

I read over my recipes and then decide.

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