Interstate 5 and Mt. HoodThis morning we woke up early and drove across town to the Bean Store. I’m sure Mr. Red Mill would be thrilled to know that he went to all the trouble of building a giant red building to sell his products and we still refer to it as the Bean Store. They serve a kick ass breakfast which is a huge motivator. I bought tons of legumes and breakfast grains and a couple of bags of flour. I’m trying a new recipe for Thanksgiving. I’ve got the test loaf going now.

I decided that not having a camera is making me crazy so I’m going to do something I never do and pull money out of savings and not do very much homework and march into a camera store downtown on Monday and buy something. i hope I’m not sitting here in 6 months and linking to this post and talking about what an idiot I am. I keep seeing great things that should have their pictures taken. Like Bob’s side order of pancakes this morning. He got three different kinds and each one came on its own different colored plate. Or the vacuum cleaner the construction crew was using at the office had giant block letters on it that said: LOUD.

Don’t you think that O.K. Go song “Here it goes again” sounds like a lost song from the Valley Girl soundtrack? (That’s a huge good thing, by the way)

My beeper just went off and it’s time to run out to the Clark College Pow Wow. Busy day.

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