Interim Update

I’ve started a wonderful post about things I like to cook except I was interrupted before I could finish and now I’ve got work to do so, hopefully, I can finish up tonight.

Meanwhile, three quick updates.

1. I believe my archive problems could be fixed by a quick blogger republish. Except every time I hit the republish button (home, office, various browsers and times of day), I get a hanging screen followed by an error. Will investigate further someday.

2. Remember those banking calls I was avoiding? Turned out worse than I imagined. Will not bore you except to say, it is my opinion that you avoid doing business with Washington Mutual Financial Services. They’re yucky.

3. I want to do handmade pasta for Thanksgiving but do not possess a pasta machine and didn’t want to buy one until I tried it once. I sent out a call in the office thinking among all these women, someone would have one. No, no and no. I inquired in the lunchroom and Kent (resident forester guy) found one in his attic. Score!

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