Rain In Your Eyes

I used a tiny sticky note to jot down some ideas for today’s post and now, shocker, I can’t find it. Oh well.

I know one of the topics was this rain we’re having. I’m guessing another 8 feet since I last mentioned it. I know PAC NW rain is legend but normal rain is like a steady grey drizzle. The kind of weather where you can still go for a walk or do sports or possibly even have a barbeque if you’re so inclined. Half the time you don’t even need an umbrella.

The rain we’re having has me permanently strapped into a life vest and scanning Craigslist for a message from Noah. Oh good and look, today’s forecast is for heavy rains. Fortunately tomorrow the chance of rain plummets to 80%. Cross your fingers!

With all this rain I’m surprised that instead of flooding stories, I keep hearing people talking about an earthquake we had the other night. They discussed it on the radio and in the lunch room and at yoga class. One guy on the radio moved to the west coast recently and was disappointed that he was in the car and missed it as he cannot wait to experience an earthquake. (Insert Jon Stewart HUH? here.) Careful what you wish for guy because waking up to shaking walls and tumbling furniture is not really a good time.

You can imagine my surprise to see in the paper that this “earthquake” was a 2.6. That’s not an earthquake, that’s a fire truck passing by. This is sort of like when Los Angeles gets a quarter inch of rain and the whole city shuts down and people up here sneer about how they can’t handle the rain. Or like what Minnesota thinks about us when we get a quarter inch of accumulated snow and the city shuts down. We need to reserve our excitement for the real deal.

Another item I wanted to mention is that I finished watching Lemony Snicket last night and LOVED it. I haven’t read the books, although I want to, but I’m too much of a tightwad to pay $10 for a book I can read in 45 minutes. I thought the movie got lukewarm reviews but Erin liked it so I got it from Netflix. I liked the story and the characters but I loved the way it looked and I was mesmerized by the closing credits and saved the disk so I can watch that part again. They should make a show out of that.

Finally, I’m sad to report that I heard on the radio this morning that String Cheese Incident is disbanding, I think at the end of next summer. I’m not sad for me, but sad for my spouse. I wrote a review of one of their shows here and I can’t find it to save my life but I thought their shows were fun enough to attend one per year. I had a one show Cheese limit.

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