Phones on a Plane

I did Illustrator class this morning and when I got home, still fired up with the spirit of Adobe, decided to try a fun and easy tutorial and let’s just say that after an hour and a half it was neither fun nor easy. I got to the bottom of the tutorial and noticed that I was only on page 1 of 8 pages.

Enough tutorial for today.

Consumerist reports that by 2008 many airlines will be offering cellphone service to their customers.

Kill. Me. Now.

Two of my most detested sounds in the Universe are strangers talking on their cellphones and the sound of a TV unless it’s a show that I’m watching. Airports are a wonderland for these two sounds. That horrible airport in Minneapolis has a huge TV hanging from the ceiling every 10 feet. If you must have them, why so many?

One of the things I love about airplanes (the other being that it’s faster than walking because to be honest, I don’t love airplanes) is that the phone doesn’t ring. You can sit there with your book or iPod and you don’t have to do anything else because there’s nothing to do.

I admit, I can understand the appeal because some might consider it dead time, why not catch up with a friend or conduct a little business? But I can’t even comprehend what it would be like to sit there listening to someone yammering away completely oblivious to how loud they are or how their conversation is intruding on someone else’s space. It’s not that easy to tune out people talking. I hate hearing it in the waiting area. My only defense is earplugs or a white noise track on my iPod.

Consumerist says it could cost as much as $3 a minute. Maybe no one will think it’s worth it.

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