Enforcement Overkill
One of my missions in life is to lead a campaign to end the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane on I-5 northbound to Vancouver. I’m going to write more about this next month. (Can you believe Wikipedia has an I-5 entry?)

Last night, as I sat in the bumper to bumper scramble that occurs where people who need to be out of the HOV lane try to merge right while the people who want to be in the HOV lane very purposefully “ooh-look-at-me-with-two-people-in-my-car-everyone-out-of-my-way-so-I-can-get-over” try to merge left, I was trying to remember the last time I saw any police enforcement. At least one out of every five cars in the HOV lane has a single occupant zooming along at 60 MPH neener-neenering those of us following the rules and rolling along at lawn mower speeds.

A short moment later, I spot flashing red and blue lights. Someone was pulled over. And, oh look, another. And another.

THIRTEEN Cops between Alberta and Delta Park where the HOV ends.

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