Written Clickingly
Yesterday I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I went to bed early the night before so I had a pretty decent night’s sleep and didn’t notice feeling tired until last night.

The teacher for my Illustrator class told us it would be frustrating sometimes and we’d want to throw our computers out the window. Last night I finally hit the wall and I didn’t want to throw my computer out the window but I did want to throw something at someone.

The lesson was to design a graphic for a website and it was all this: “Double click the endpoints and anchor points, copy and paste behind. Then, clicking the bottom layer, click on the clicks you just made and click them. Once you’ve clicked, drag, release and re-click the point and the clicks. Click the clicks and click them until you can click no more.”

Seriously, no one needs a website that badly.

Since I was tired, I went to bed. (Also, my DVR is broken and I had to try to remember how to use a VCR again, but that’s another tale.) And I couldn’t fall asleep. And I woke up today at 4am again. At the moment I’m feeling a wee bit groggy.

Also, I write this only because WKB will be horrified. Yesterday I had my leftover smoked salmon enchilada from Monday, for lunch and I ate it cold. I don’t know how the office microwave works and anyway, it smells like ass and I don’t want to put food in there. I’ll admit, the cold enchilada was not the most appetizing thing I’ve ever eaten.

Update: I’m a moron. Turns out the clickety click thing was not part of the homework. I wondered what that random sticky note was doing in there. It meant, “skip this part.”

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