Three Unrelated Items
1 – On Saturday morning I went out to the kitchen to refill my tea. My husband sat at the kitchen table with his headphones on, eyes closed. The paper was spread-out before him and his head tilted forward as he gently snored.

He sat up a bit when I came in the room.

ME: Hey Hon, whatcha doing?

Him: Sleeping and reading the paper.

2 – This weekend I read three reviews of Cormac McCarthy’s new book The Road. (The URL takes you to the website of the Official Cormac McCarthy Society. Who knew that even existed? Also, they don’t have the new book on their site. For shame.) I like McCarthy’s writing a lot. However, one of the reviews I read characterized this as his bleakest book yet which doesn’t put me in a big hurry. If you recall, I read Suttree earlier this year (see book #9) and the words I used were grim and joyless.

3 – My text book for my Illustrator class starts each chapter with a section called, “Why Would I Do This?” Why, indeed.

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