Real Electrician
Actual electricans came to our house to look at our problem and turns out, portions of our electrical system are totally mickey mouse. I had noticed, as early as shortly after we bought the house that there were signs of people without a clue doing projects on the house. And we’ve had other clues that things were a bit off so this wasn’t a huge surprise.

I suppose I can see why some people would cut corners and have a nephew do a shitty paint job OR reinstall only part of the kitchen floor OR wallpaper right over the old wallpaper.

But why would you mess with the electricity? Why would you do the cheapo, I have a friend who read a book about wires and breakers once and took shop in high school do the electrical work?

We’re still not clear what we’re in for but we’d like to get it right so some dollars will be going into electrical fixing. And here’s a shout out to LeRoy who mentioned when we bought the house that it was a good idea to set money aside every month for a house fund for just these types of situations.

Meanwhile, my class is taking up more of my free time than expected so the blog lags. I never told you about the food article that paired wine with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or FoodDay Martha on another bender about things in the east that are better than the west. She mentions this family farm where they get their better apples and how this farm has been in the same family since 1700-something when King George (or whatever) gave them the land and isn’t that cool? Yeah, sure if you conveniently forget that other people were using that land first.

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