Be More Funny
Bob told me he had a new entry on his blog he wanted me to check out. I dutifully clicked on it and saw the title.

“I don’t want to read about Lee Morgan and Woody Shaw,” I said. “Why don’t you write about something funny. Like when you spill something.”

I don’t even know who Lee Morgan and Woody Shaw are. I suppose I could read the entry or even ask, but you have to be careful about showing too much interest in my house. Next thing you know you’re sitting down to dinner and there’s some epic musicography queued up on the tube and stack of cds on the counter and maybe even some vinyl propped up on the stereo and giant book with a few pages marked sitting on the nightstand.

In other news, from checking my logs I can see that people searching for wampa (see also: wampa: ice creature) are ending up here. My dream come true.

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