Dahlias Dahlias Dahlias Dahlias
Something New Every Day
I’m still getting new dahlias. Might even be one or two new varieties before summer is over.

I can’t wait to update you on all my projects this weekend. If doing projects means learning from your mistakes: I’ll be a gold medal winner soon.

The pirate pillowcase is a winner. The first instruction is: “remove selvage from each fabric.” WTF is selvage? Right there I had a 20 minute research project. Then I folded my insert strip and layered it with the right side of the pirates and wrong side of the cuff and carefully sewed my first seam with my the sewing machine. Success!

Except I had the folded insert seam upside down. Bob came in from downstairs and I announced, “Honey, I’m ripping out my first seam.” I very carefully pressed everything out and repinned. And did the exact same thing again! A natural.

Bob came in from an errand and I said, “Honey, I’m ripping out my second seam.”

We went to see Little Miss Sunshine (fantastic! hilarious!) that afternoon so I had to put my pillowcase aside. Who would have thought a pillowcase is a several day project?

This morning I picked up the stuff for my closet shelves. I bought a stud finder. And all kinds of brackets and anchors and supports.

Pirates and shelves. We’ll see how I do.

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