My Tomatos
My Tomato Farm
Today was my biggest harvest day. This is what I got.

Try not to be underwhelmed. It’s almost mid-August. I should be groaning under the weight of my harvest. There are 4 plants out there plus another 4 volunteers.

That’s it.

I can eat them as fast as I can pick them. How am I going to make sauce and soup with this pitiful crop?

I’m already tired of the garden and it’s barely started to do anything.

My theory is that the heirlooms don’t pump out the results like the .69¢ Fred Meyer variety. Normally I buy a few cheapies and a few heirlooms but this year I went all heirloom. One of the plants hasn’t even given me one ripe one and the green ones look all tiny and deformed.

This is not what I’d hoped for.

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