My Bedroom 1982
My Bedroom: Senior Year
(Note: we are having major technology problems here at casa pam and bob. I am imbibing massive quantities of cheap Trader Joe’s red wine to combat my frustration: always a good idea. We’ll see if the problems are sorted out before I throw myself on my pillow in tears or start driving around because dammit: I own this town!)

I was out and about downtown this week and saw some Sbiccas (shoes) in a store window which helped inspire this post. My Sbiccas were one of my fave shoes ever. If they had my shoes in the window, I might have bought them again.

I was a big fan of the Love’s phallic-ly packaged fragrance line back in those days. I loved Baby Soft (pink) Didn’t it smell like cotton candy? I also wore the Lemon Fresh (yellow) and Rain (blue) and I had the Musk (brown) but it wasn’t my favorite.

Frampton Comes Alive was one of my first two albums. The other one was Wings Over America. I think Wings is still in the closet. Frampton was the unfortunate victim of sunlight when I moved my turntable next to my bed and it warped. (The disk with “Show Me The Way”)(Why doesn’t the radio play old Frampton in place of Billy Idol, once in awhile?) I would love to own it again if I could get it on eMusic. No one has ever looked as cute as Peter Frampton on the inner fold of that double album. (Except Fabio Cannavaro, of course.) For 8-tracks I had a Rod Stewart and Air Supply.

I wish I could remember the story about the clothes hanging over the chair but I’m a total blank on that one. I still use that desk, although in a different configuration which I would love to link to except the technology seems to be hiccuping again. I still use that desk lamp. UPDATE: try this link scroll to the home improvement photos.

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