FIFA World Cup Soccer Games 9, 10 and 11 (almost)

Was ready for work and parked in front of the TV at 6am for the first half of the Australia v. Japan game. Who knew Australia even played soccer? Why play a sissy game like soccer when you can beat the crap out of each other on the rugby field?

Went to the office and had my most productive day ever as I didn’t want to expose myself to anything that might spoil the USA game results. I stayed in my office, working even through lunch, talking to no one and no Internet or email. I’m sure my employer would be proud. ahem.

I left early and as I crossed the Morrison bridge I could see traffic backed up on I-5 for miles and I was thinking (like Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Turns out the accident was about 100 yards from where I got on the freeway so after the initial awkwardness of merging both Morrison bridge on-ramps with one lane on I-5,(a shout out to the stupid car that didn’t seem to understand it was supposed to let the tow truck pass: doh!) we were done with it and 15 minutes later I was sitting in front of the TV firing up my USA v Czech Republic game.

Fuk. I think I burst a blood vessel in my forehead from screaming. Cz was really good. After watching them for about 10 minutes I was thinking how much I’d enjoy watching them play someone else. The USA played WAY below expectations. I was completely depressed. But interesting tidbit: the Czech goalie is named Cech. Seriously.

Meanwhile, I’d heard about the thrilling ending to the Australia game so I fired that up and watched Japan get their hearts broken. Wish I could have seen that live because it was unbelievably exciting.

Finally, it’s time for the Italy v. Ghana game. Italy is another one of my very favorite teams partly for their play and mainly because they are outstanding to look at down to the very last man. I don’t think there is one ugly man in Italy playing soccer.

The DVR ate my game. This was quite distressing although not as much as you might guess because it was getting late and I was tired and had a headache from yelling at the American team. I did various trouble shooting and managed to get it started but it kept freezing and after about 20 minutes gave up the ghost.

Other shows work fine so I’m not sure what’s going on but will have to deal with Comcast later today. Bob is video taping the Brazil game for me today as a backup because I MUST HAVE MY BRAZIL.

After all this it was still a little too early for bed and I was all wound up so I decided to start the season opener of The 4400, this sci-fi TV show I got into. WTF?! They turned this character into an old lady. WHY? And this other key character is played by a catastrophically bad actress.

Bummer all around.

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