What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Yesterday I thought it was a fluke but this morning I had to wonder. Why are my pants baggy and my arms can barely fit in my shirts? How did my ass shrink while my arms got fatter? Is is possible I’ve finally achieved my goal of looking like Popeye?

The shirts I wore today and yesterday are for warmer weather and had been in the back of the closet since September. I got crazy and washed them before wearing them instead of wearing them all wrinkled and spotted from when I shoved them in the back of the closet last Fall. Then I carefully ironed them. I only iron about 3 times a year so this is indeed, big news.

So where the armhole shrinking part comes in, is that I buttoned the cuffs and both shirts are the style where you roll up the sleeve up to the elbow and there’s a little tab you button to hold them up. If I had my camera handy I’d show you a picture. It looked very nice and neat while I was ironing but the buttoning makes the opening too small for my Popeye arms.

I’m almost always running late on Wednesday mornings for reasons that aren’t clear so I unbuttoned the tabs and rolled the sleeves down, unbuttoned the cuffs, shoved my puffy arms in and then put on a sweater over the droopy sleeves. It’s a fantastic look.

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