Burning Arms

The minute I got home from work last night I changed into my work clothes, put Frodo and his various paraphernalia (keyboard, mouse, cables, cords, power strips, modem, etc.) in a safe place and got to work on the sanding.

Is there any part of Home Improvement Projects that doesn’t make your arms feel like they’re about to burst into flames? Even my Yoga arms couldn’t save me. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some crazy arm balance poses. Yes, I can totally do that. For about .05 nanoseconds before gravity kicks in.)

I took periodic breaks to see what Jack Bauer was up to. I don’t think I’m going to watch 24 next season. I’ve had my season of free-for-all TV and now I want to cut back again. 24 is always the same thing: “We need X. X is impossible to get. But we must have it to save American lives. Okay, give me 10 minutes.”

Back to the sanding, it would have been helpful to know how magical the Joint Compound is and how responsive to sanding because I could have saved a lot of time from my meticulous application and careful scraping and smoothing and fretting over the lack of smoothness. Sanding makes everything smooth.

It also would have been helpful to know that bathing would be an absolute necessity after sanding. I had to wash my hair twice yesterday.

Last night, where I needed a second Magical Joint Compound application, I was fearless, even developing my own method for getting joint compound into corners which involved a dollop of compound and an index finger. The giant hole that I patched looks poorly but I’m praying the magic of paint to make it look less craptastic.

More sanding tonight. This or this are most likely where I’ll get my colors.

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